Australian HSE Recruitment Market Review 2021

Australian HSE Recruitment Market Review 2021

Michele Beale HR, Market Insight

Australian HSE Recruitment Market Review 2021

New global guidelines for safe working implemented during COVID-19, ISO/PAS 45005, assisted organisations to adapt quickly, adopt new working practices and to comply with changing regulations. This had an impact on organisations HSE resources requiring either contract or permanent roles being created to support the existing teams to develop new workplace protocols specifically related to COVID-19 in hand with supporting teams working remotely.

There were also many organisations that introduced new programs or modify their existing ones, to combat the challenges associated with COVID-19. Some of these included employee assistance and engagement programs, mental health programs, introduction of wellbeing apps, online trainings for employees in mental health and well-being, and programs designed to help staff with their financial planning. As a result, many organisations have found the need for additional HSE staff or new HSE capabilities.

Predictions for the next 12 months:
• Workers Compensation / Claims management roles are likely to increase
• Candidates are less likely to relocate for roles
• Candidate shortage continues
• Mid level support roles are likely to continue to be in great demand

Key HSE skillsets that will be hired in 2021-22:
• Strong Soft Skills with ability to influence
• Tertiary Qualified - Health & Wellbeing
• Safety Systems specialist
• Injury Management

Most in Demand Roles:
• HSE Advisors/Managers
• Safety & Wellbeing Manager
• Technical Specialists

The Frazer Jones Australia 2021 salary and benefits survey has revealed useful insights into HR and HSE professionals remuneration including salaries, bonuses and benefits, as well as levels of job satisfaction and employee tenure. The survey has also exposed some interesting trends including flexibility, the changing workplace landscape and the impact of wage stagnation on employee loyalty and retention.

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