IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge: Shirley Ambrose

IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge: Shirley Ambrose

Angela Franks IWD2021, #ChooseToChallenge

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What is one lesson you learnt the hard way?
Don’t let the world determine the path you choose. It’s yours and yours alone to thread... Your stronger than you believe you are. What you can achieve is only limited by what you think you can’t do...I learnt it the hard way that time and time again, my confidence was associated to arrogance,  bossiness, being over smart,  trying to be one of the boys...But for me it didn’t matter... the people who believed in me, my better half- Mr. M or be it my mentors - the two big J’s( you all deserve a mention), only always taught me to be me, by showing belief in me, being honest with me and letting me pursue my dreams. It’s not easy to be the only woman at the table, that being said,  if that’s you,  you deserve to feel a sense of pride. You’ve made it thus far not just because of your confidence but, equally your competence. Life only gives you that many opportunities so don’t wait for the next one, “THE TIME IS NOW”

What are you really, really good at?
This is how I’m told the story goes - there once was a maiden in a faraway land, to get away from her monotonous life she left her land. She crossed the seas and made her way ashore. Not much did she bring along most would affirm, but if you ask her, you’d hear her say.... A million dreams in these eyes I hold, the courage, the determination and the strength to be bold. A journey she took not just for herself but an example she wanted to set. She believes in those dreams as she still continues on, hoping in the further another maiden will hear and follow on. For this is not a story of chance,  but if you must know it’s that of her 6 ground rules:
1. Work smart- It’s not the things she does most people do,  but it’s how she does them differently is what should matter to you.
2. Multitasking - She uses the Gift - given to all women - she’s learned to multitask to utilise the hours cause she’s not one who sits behind her desk for extensive hours.
3. Find your voice- She’s never let managing home or family get in her way, be it travelling for work or finding her seat at the table so she can have her say.
4. Be ahead of your game - Never miss a deadline -  it’s an easy thing to say,  But there’s a trick to that ladies,  set your personal deadline to an earlier date and its highly unlikely the actual one can get away.
5. Know what you don’t know - it’s imperative you do,  cause it helps you build a team of those who can be assets just like you.  And it’s critical you learn to ask for help, it doesn’t make you look weak and still lets you stand out from the rest.
6. Last but not the least, never stop educating yourself, for as they say information can bring you choices and choices bring you power, so make it a point to make a difference and leave behind a story a legacy for those that look up to you.

So yes this is my story, doing what I am really good at, to be the best version of myself.


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