HSE Salary & Market Insights: Do you know where you stand?

HSE Salary & Market Insights: Do you know where you stand?

Angela Franks Market Insight

As with the HR Market, employment and recruitment activity in the HSE stayed active during January & February and into March. When COVID-19 hit Australia, the WHS job market, and indeed the broader employment market, significantly slowed down. However, with COVID-19 being a health pandemic, we naturally began to see an increase in demand for HSEQ professionals, once businesses ensured the safety and well being of their current workforces and established work from home arrangements.

As anticipated, essential services such as health care, aged care, manufacturing and government-funded projects were dominating the employment market. These industries had demand for generalist health and safety professionals as well as specialist workers compensation and injury management professionals. There was also an increase in demand for specialist workers compensation and injury management, as workers compensation claims increased due to the stresses caused by COVID-19.

Key HSE skillsets that will be hired in 2020-21:
• Safety & Integrated Systems
• Health & Wellbeing
• Leadership
• Safety / Security
• Industrial Hygienists

In the HSE sector, demand for systems specialists are increasing as companies try to stay ahead of technological advances and innovations in automation services in the claims, injury management and return to work faculties. A systems specialist in NSW could expect to earn between $130,000 and $160,000.

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2020 HR & HSE Salary Guide & Market Trends Report

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