HR Salary & Market Insights: Do you know where you stand?

HR Salary & Market Insights: Do you know where you stand?

Angela Franks Market Insight

Looking back on the year, in Australia we saw a strong start to 2020 with Q1 being reasonably buoyant at all levels with an equal demand for contract and permanent hires. As we moved into Q2, and Australia’s first period of COVID-19 lock-down, recruitment activity slowed with a noticeable shift to focusing on the health and wellbeing of remote workers and more importantly front-line workers.

Demand for HR roles over the past 6 months has largely come from government, technology, financial services, legal, infrastructure and construction sectors. We have also seen demand for specialist Recruiters in the Technology and FinTech space where their war for talent continues.

Key HR skillsets that will be hired in 2020-21:
• Employee relations
• Reward, Risk and compliance
• Organisation development

Specialist HR roles in growth markets such as technology and change and transformation specialists are among the most in-demand HR candidates, both commanding competitive salaries and attractive bonuses. For example, a change manager in NSW could expect to earn between $180,000 and $220,000.

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2020 HR & HSE Salary Guide & Market Trends Report

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